Application Deployment

Usually, development of web services includes steps such as web service design, test, acceptance and deployment. A poor deployment can devastate development process. Therefore, appropriate deployment workflow is necessary for smooth development.

Production, staging and development are the disciplines which are important for workflow when application or website development is going on. After implementation of features, we forward it to to staging branch. Then we deploy it for testing and quality assurance. During acceptance process, we allow our clients to check the application and give feedback that whether the product or application is designed according to their preference or not. Deployment is associated with installation of prerequisites and configuration amendments to make software or application work effectively. We have a team of competent and experienced software developers having colossal experience, skills and knowledge about software creation. To manage the project in an effective way, we take documentation and deployment seriously.

The deployment phase includes transmitting software product to client or user community. They can run the system and we welcome their feedback. We deploy the application to client on timely basis. As soon as the application is approved by the client, we make it live. After deployment, we review the project experience and create an effective plan for maintenance. We update our customers by providing up-to-date information of deployment stage of project.