I-Generation Believes In Being Ahead of Time!

igeneration 1

The iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are the three revolutionary products which have shaped the generation. These have transformed the way in which we communicate, listen to music and work. Over 60 percent of teenagers today already own an iPhone and the growing excitement over the much-rumored launch of an ‘iWatch’ have caused a sensation.

Today’s generation is correctly called “iGeneration”; whether the youth or their parents, all seems to be immersed in the world of ‘i’ technology. This new generation covers the children and teens born in the new millennium which are significantly influenced by the technology and media usage. They love to be multitasking and have a special place for electronic media and communication in their lives. They spend hours daily on a number of activities includes playing games, going online on social applications, listening to music, talking on the telephone, chatting, texting, sending and receiving e-mail, and even watching television.

Usually, there arises an interesting question to the industry analyst, i.e. How Apple has successfully incarcerated the generation today? Defeating all contenders, this brand successfully leaves the competitors wondering the reasons behind its popularity. And the answer to the former questions is still a mystery to many. Below are mentioned some amazing features that make these products outstanding:

DESIGN: The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch may differ in sizes but they share a similar design. The users are greatly attracted by the beautiful aluminum housing and the sleekness of metal and glass. Moreover the sapphire crystal in the Home button makes it different from any brand. The matchless design and construction enforce every user to switch toward the products of ‘i’ generation.

CAMERA: Although, the first three generations of iPod Touch and the original iPad lacked a camera. But, the fourth generation has cameras at both a front and back. A user always desire for advanced technology; the iSight camera’s hardware and software has been successful in grabbing the user’s attraction. Anyone anywhere can take an amazing photo with 15 per cent larger sensor, extra ordinary burst mode, epic panorama photos, photo filters and lot more available with these products making it most compatible for the generation today.

NETWORK CONNECTIVITY: All the latest devices except the iPod Touch use a faster LTE radio with compatible networks and they support more networks than ever before which continues to grow. So, either you are travelling or at your workplace, you can experience fast download and upload speeds. The network connectivity of these products helps the generation today to compete with the world’s pace.

In the year 2014, Apple is poised towards achievement of strong financial results. To unlock the kind of explosive growth which renews the investor’s interest, the company will need to release a new product type. The latest iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini with Retina Display will sure add laurels, but the customers are readily waiting for some different!