Initial Requirements Gathering

WebAcer Software is a dependable firm which comprehends that determining requirements is the most indispensable step for success of a specific software or system. Our professionals spend time with clients to understand their needs. Before working on a particular project, we analyze, document, validate and manage system requirements or software.

We follow a methodology named as requirement analysis process through which we analyze requirements of stakeholders. Depending on the business, the needs are evaluated, tested, documented and traced. Our specialists employ advanced and effective techniques to cater all needs of our customers.

To shun any inconsistency and duplication, we maintain effective communication with our clients throughout the completion of project. In order to work according to their preference, we interact with them through phone, email and chat. Software architecture is another process which plays a humongous role in development. It includes scrutinizing behavior of software system prior to build it. Architecture is highly helpful in conversing with stakeholders about design decisions to achieve goals. We utilize software architecture to intensify cost reduction and manage risks associated with the project.

WebAcer Software encourages you to review following questionnaire as the starting point for communicating your website’s full requirements. It is important for you to know to convey the purpose of your website, the intended audience of your website, and the message you want to communicate via your website.

Website design questionnaire

The following questions will help you determine how your website should look, what it should contain, and what features it should include. You obviously don’t have to answer every question—feel free to bypass questions that you don’t understand or don’t consider relevant. But the more you can tell us now, the more likely we are to create a design that fits your goals.

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