Things an application developer should know

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Businesses today make use of the newest technology to power their performance. The entrepreneurs have realized the importance of leveraging the different type of applications like software applications, web applications, mobile applications, etc. for real business benefits. The highly functional and exceptionally efficient applications are being used to power business growth. And that’s why a developer needs to be more cautious before starting with development of any application. Creating an app is hard, but it is more difficult to stay ahead without being overtaken by the competition. Application development is not merely a concept of creating the core functionality, but also it comprises of bringing forth a number of services.

The first and foremost fact to be known and understood, before starting a development project is to assess its need. At time, there could be various needs for an application, for example promotion of products or services, sharing some information or just for social media interaction. This completely depends on the perspective of the application owner. Before developing an application, the developer needs to first consider the type of service being offered through the application.  Majorly, there are three types of services offered through an application:

*         Business services: The services comprising of business logic and procedures forms the first category. Such services allow the users to perform complex functions and can range from web scripting in ASP/PHP/JSP to programming such as TCL, CORBA and PERL.

*         User services: This category of services creates a visual gateway for the customers, allowing them to interact with the application. It can range from the basic HTML and DHTML to complex COM components and Java applets.

*         Data service: This type of services store, retrieve and update information at a high level. Some of the common examples of data storage and retrieval are databases, file systems and various other writeable media

Next, the application developer needs to consider the interest of the target audience or the market segment in detail. After all, the application is being developed for the users and thus, it is vital to keep their choice and need on priority.

The business owner always demands for an application to be developed with optimum use of the latest technology available. Thus, before commencing the work on any application project, the developer should assess the latest resources available and the technical skills of the team entrusted with the development.

With technology changing now and then, it is of great importance to keep your application updated accordingly. So, it is better to avoid being stuck with obsolete versions. An Upgrade to all applications introduces improvement in user experience and the new features enhance the interest of the customers. Moreover, upgrades enables you to correct bugs (if any) encountered in the prior versions.

The world of application development will prosper for a long time. And with advancements in the future, things will become less manual and more automated.

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