Valentine Day-Love day


Every heart, full of love waits for the special day of 14th February throughout the year to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It is day of love and romance celebrated all over the globe with exchange of gifts, cards, flowers, chocolate and lot more. But many of us are not even aware about the origin of this special day. So let us sneak a peek into the origin of this auspicious day first.

This beautiful day is a respect to the Saint Valentine and his ‘illegal’ activities. Emperor Claudius II was a brutal ruler of Rome who wanted a big and strong army. Unfortunately, the men of Rome were not interested in any more fights. Claud had a perception that men do not want to fight because they were married and they cared for their families more than their country. To put a pause on this he banned the marriages for young man. In such circumstances St. Valentine entered the scenario as an angel. He helped many couples to marry in secret. But in no more time Valentine was caught and Claud ordered death for him.

St. Valentine also felt for a girl during his imprisonment. Although there are no clear records about the girl, yet it is believed that it was the jailer’s blind girl. It is also believed that St. Valentine’s love for her cured her blindness. He died on February 14, 270 AD, leaving a letter “From your Valentine” for his lady love.

Even we celebrated this special day with full enthusiasm this time at WebAcer. Every team member entered the bash in the pre-decided theme of red, black white dresses. Everyone enjoyed lot in decoration game for the same day. Besides, best dressed personality was also awarded with an endearing gift. In all it was a day full of love, fun and enjoyment.