MixrGroup Social Network

MixrGroup is a social networking website which assists in promoting events. Through this site, an entity can make more and more connections. Everyone can attend , organize and manage events with availability of this website. Students can put ample information about the event, share their ideas and persuade others to take interest in the event.

As a dependable company, WebAcer Software understands that social networking websites are a powerful and optimum way to promote events. We created this social networking website and added advanced features. The website we created helps students to promote their event in an effective way. We utilized exceptional tools that whenever an event will be posted or occuring, maximum students and individuals will be aware of it.

Students can comment about the events and they can mention what they think about the event.Students can also invite other students, friends, relatives and staff members to share their opinions. With social media tools added in the website, students will expand their reach, encourage others to participate and increase number of participants. Event managers can add videos, images and text to captivate others towards their event. Users can make groups to interact with other people and create a community or fan page.

Currently, the website we developed is getting immense traffic and gaining enormous popularity.

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