Holi Bash- Make The Life Colorful!


Holi, a festival of color, love and life is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joviality in India. This auspicious occasion comes every year on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun (March as per the Gregorian calendar). It is celebrated with different names and traditions in various states of India. Not only India, this festival is celebrated with full spirit all across the globe.

Holi marks the arrival of spring season, and thus it is also called sprig festival. The winter’s gloom ends and Holi brings forth the brighter summer days. Not only humans, even the nature seems to rejoice this festival. The spring promises a good harvest to the farmers and colorful flowers fill the atmosphere with fragrance and bright colors.

The whole market seems to be engrossed in the spirit of Holi. Large hues of gulal and abeer, wide range of pichkaris, variety of water balloons, etc. make it more interesting. Besides, colors and accessories there is special preparation of sweets in some regions. Special dishes like gujiya, papri, puranpohli, mathri and lot more are made for this special day.

WebAcer Software works proficiently throughout the year. In the same way, we celebrate each festival and occasion with full passion. With broader smiles, colors in hand and fun at heart every employee participated in this celebration of Holi. Leaving behind the margins of seniority, each one was completely engrossed in the colorful environment and then spree to color-anyone-you-see took over. Soon everyone was colored in shades of red, orange, blue, green, purple and lot more. This small attempt of WebAcers encouraged the spirit of brotherhood among the employees. The joyous and colorful festival celebration strengthened the cordial relationships between the staff members.  We hope that such a celebration will bring prosperity in their personal and professional life leading to a bright future.