Quality Assurance and Testing

Software testing is considered as the most indispensable process and its main objective is to provide comprehensive details of product, service or software to stakeholders. Through this process, developers get to know the risks and problems associated with software development.

Our quality assurance testing team has highly experienced and adept professionals who take very less time in finding software errors. Our software testing team specializes in manual testing, automation testing, mobile testing, application testing and website testing.

We make use of various methods for quality assurance testing including blackbox, white box and grey box. In blackbox method, no knowledge of coding is required. In contrast to this, coding knowledge is an important part of white box. In grey box method, we design the database and documents. We also make test plan and test data.

In addition to this, we do all levels of quality assurance testing such as functional, non-functional, maintenance and check functionality of software with optimum tools like Bugzilla, Firebug, Jmeter, QTP and selenium. In functional level, we include a wide range of testing such as unit, regression, integration, alpha and beta testing. Non-functional level encompasses performance check and time check. Maintenance level involves future changes in the software, application or website, furthermore checking the smooth functioning of application, software and website.

We are competent in detecting software issues or failure if occurred at any point of time. We take imperative measures to scrutinize functionality, correctness and working of the software or application. During testing process, we analyze that whether the software or application we are going to develop is handy for end users and appropriate to draw attention of target audience or not. Requirement gap is the most commonly found defect which is related to security, performance, usability, maintainability and testing.