• WordPress- The Widely Used CMS!

    Started in 2003 with a single bit of code, WordPress was born out to accomplish the desire for an elegant and well-designed content management system. Built on PHP and MySQL, it was licensed under the GPLv2. The major aim was to enhance the typography of everyday writing, but gradually it emerged out as the largest […]


    ‘No one’s perfect’– This seems to be an old quote but its existence can be felt at every place even today. Thousands of books have been written on different ways to make life better. In spite of all such efforts, self-improvement continues to be a major concern. After all, each one of us wants to […]

  • Things an application developer should know

    Businesses today make use of the newest technology to power their performance. The entrepreneurs have realized the importance of leveraging the different type of applications like software applications, web applications, mobile applications, etc. for real business benefits. The highly functional and exceptionally efficient applications are being used to power business growth. And that’s why a […]

  • Best Career Opportunities at WebAcers

    For an entrepreneur, it is difficult to grow a winning enterprise single handedly. Success and growth is possible for a company with great employees by its side. A savvy leader needs to find and hire the best workers to assist in achievement of the entrepreneurial dream. WebAcer software is a leading name in the IT […]

  • Responsive Designing- Necessary Paradigm for Your Business

    For sure, your business needs a website and you might be aware of this, but these days it isn’t enough to just have a good looking site on a desktop. Nowadays more and more people have started using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for various tasks which were earlier, accomplished using desktops or […]

  • Holi Bash- Make The Life Colorful!

    Holi, a festival of color, love and life is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joviality in India. This auspicious occasion comes every year on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun (March as per the Gregorian calendar). It is celebrated with different names and traditions in various states of India. Not only India, […]

  • Women’s Day- A Tribute To The Contribution Of Every Woman

      The word ‘woman’ brings forth assorted images in our minds. The image may be of our mother, sister, daughter, wife or a friend. Each of them plays a vital role in our lives, offering immense, unconditional and undemanding love. On 8th March every year the whole world celebrates the ‘Women’s day’ to appreciate and […]

  • A Click Controlled World

    Life today seems to be much easier as the world is available for you at just one click of the mouse. Everyone is running behind success, targets, goals, etc and don’t have much time for anything else. In such circumstances, internet makes things easier and convenient for you. Ranging from entertainment, education to shopping, everything […]

  • What More Will Facebook And WhatsApp Collaboration Bring To Its Users?

    Recently Facebook shocked the whole world by announcing that it has acquired WhatsApp. They made it a successful agreement of $16 billion that included $4 billion cash. This agreement also included $3 million restricted stock units for the founders and employees of WhatsApp. It was a real shock and there are many questions left unanswered, […]

  • Valentine Day-Love day

    Every heart, full of love waits for the special day of 14th February throughout the year to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It is day of love and romance celebrated all over the globe with exchange of gifts, cards, flowers, chocolate and lot more. But many of us are not even aware about the origin of this special […]

  • urgent opening for Sr. Web Designer/ Web Designer

      Experience :2 years Excellent Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dream Viewer and Other Editing tools. Knowledge of  HTML5 / CSS3/ JavaScript / Jquery. Handles Responsive designs and Browser compatibility. Email templates design. Experience with WordPress/ Magento/ Joomla Themes. Should be innovative and possess original ideas and eye for quality designs. Comprehensive understanding of interactivity & […]